From Disability to This Ability.

Best Disability Services provide dedicated staff and resources to enable you to get out and about in the Community.

We can provide everything from Short Term to Long Term Accommodation needs. All you need to do is to be assessed as a recipient of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Together, we can assist you to lead a more independent lifestyle where you are participating in Community Activities while enjoying now found independence.

At Best Disability Services, we are excited to provide many services to you. We can assist you with everything from attending Medical and other appointments, providing Transportation, assisting around the home with general maintenance and of course we specialize in providing both Long Term and Short Term Professional Care to our Clients. We can provide any service that has been approved within your Care Plan and been approved by NDIS.

Best Disability Services are experienced when it comes to assisting you on your journey thru life and while you gain more independence. Firstly, we can work with you and your Medical Professionals to determine your level of Disability, from here; we will work with you toward providing increased Independence by creating an individualized Care Plan.

And, if you’re Family want to be involved in this process (with your permission) – we are very pleased to include them as we work toward achieving your goals.

While there are varying types of Disability, the purpose of Best Disability Services is to encourage Clients to be more aware of what they can do independently in the Community.

Rest assured that the friendly staff at Best Disability Services will provide a lot of encouragement as we work toward you achieving your goals. Sure, it may take a little time, however; I feel that every day we work together is another day closer to you achieving more independence and feeling more at ease as you take this very exciting journey.

The level of independence that you will achieve may vary from a little to a lot…

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to determine the exact level of independence our Clients will achieve as their individual needs vary as do their interests, goals etc. However; knowing that you have the Team from Best Disability Services supporting you through your journey, we are confident that together we can achieve so much.

Confidence can be the key to success….

Best Disability Services enable you to learn more life skills, everything from Shopping Trips, attending Medical Specialist visits on your own, living more independently is what we would most like for you to achieve.

Together, we will do our best to get you into the best position to achieve your goals in life. You will be so proud of yourself knowing that you have progressed from ‘Disability to This Ability’…

Although we are based in Albury / Wodonga, our services can be provided to almost any Capital City or Regional Area within Australia. If there is a need for our services, more often than not – we will meet the demand while exceeding your expectations.

If you are interested in any of the services provided, or; if you require some assistance with NDIS issues, call Best Disability Services on 04699269351 / 0260541568 for a Free No Obligation discussion.

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