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Best Disability Services (Albury/Wodonga) provide you with a variety of services based upon the particular needs of the client and their family. Each service that we provide are approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) and enable us to provide the highest quality of care for you in an environment which is both safe and comfortable.

Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior Female Patient

For instance, our Professional Staff at Best Disability Services can also work with you in regard to setting up a Plan Management strategy that will give you the necessary skills or assistance to enable you to achieve more independence as well as become more involved in the community.

The Plan Management process is going to take into consideration our clients degree of Disability, home life, goals, when you wish to achieve your objectives etc. There are actually several other factors which need to be taken into consideration, however; for now this is just a brief summary of how we will assist you…

We work together with Our Clients as well as their family to meet identified goals.

Sometimes, goals could take a short time to achieve, however; occasionally goals could take a little longer to achieve. This really is depending on a range of factors, such as:

1.Your Care Plan must be provided within the criteria as specified by NDIS.

2.Accessibility to resources that will enable us to give you the required service. In most situations resources are readily availiable, however; if the identified resources or services are more complex in detail, then it may take a little longer to gain access to additional resources.

3.Ongoing consultation with our Clients, their family, NDIS Facilitators other specialised services, and;

4.The continual revision of the services we provide to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of our clients and achieving set goals.

The employees at Best Disability Services (Albury/Wodonga) would like to ensure you that we provide high quality services for our clients that meet the expectations of everyone. For this reason, we go into great detail when it comes to discussing the type of disability care you need to make certain that we give you the best services.

Some clients may need Services such as transportation to specialists or Doctors’ Appointments, while other people may require part-time care at home and assistance with developing life skills. Additionally, there are Clients that could require Full-time Care in a supervised living environment. Each Client has specific needs regarding resources as well as their specific level of care.

We do more to identify and meet the needs of every client…

We’ll get into more detail about specific services offered by Best Disability Services (Albury/Wodonga) in later blogs. However, for now, we would just like you to know that we are here for you.

Selecting the right NDIS Approved provider that will meet your needs is not always a straightforward decision…

Knowing that you will be well taken care of and that you’re living with more independence within a professionally assisted home environment is of great benefit to our clients as well as their family.

Another issue that we have found that some people face is the fact that they are not always aware of the various programs available to provide assistance when needed. The NDIS scheme is designed to provide these services…

The friendly staff at Best Disability Services are aware of all available resources that you require and have the skills and knowledge and can assist you in achieving your goals.

The services we provided at Best Disability Services take all of the above issues into consideration as we work through the Plan Management Strategy with our client.

Although we provide an excellent level of care, we still require our clients and family members to assist with identifying goals so as we can work together toward you achieving a more independent lifestyle.

If you require further advice or assistance please call Best Disability Services on 04699269351 / 0260541568. We are here to assist you…

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